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Understanding the ins and outs of the prison system can be challenging, let us help you!

At Prison Toolkit, we are committed to helping those facing prison for ‘white collar’ crimes to maximize the built in opportunities to minimize punishment, avoid pitfalls early on that prevent early release, and navigate the opaque process of the criminal justice system. There is no benefit to the government for helping you, in fact just the opposite. No one from the prosecutor’s office is going to give you tips on shortening your sentence. Having a good criminal defense attorney is important, and Prison Toolkit knows how important it is to have one’s team working together. A lawyer’s obligation is to represent you in the face of serious criminal charges, not help you change as a person or prepare for a prison sentence.

The prison toolkit is not about motivation or inspiring slogans, but rather providing real tools to deal with the very real, yet unplanned for, situations most professionals face when the government comes after them. Everyone facing arrest or incarceration have similar fears and desires: To minimize incarceration, mitigate punishment, and begin rebuilding. The tools we teach focus on both mitigation (less punishment), and recovery (normalizing life).

Mitigation is everyone’s focus when facing prison/punishment. And every person involved in your case knows that. So being the third person on the day of your sentencing to say, ‘I’m sorry’, to the judge is not a mitigation plan. There is a lot of things outside one’s control when the government is against you, but thankfully there are also important aspects to one’s case (including 100% of their own actions) that can have a huge impact on one’s life.


Recovery is understandably thought of less, as those facing prison focus on the seemingly immediate problem of minimizing pain to one’s self and family. The reality is that recovery begins the day after your arrest. And honest, deep, change does more to mitigate one’s sentence and the prosecutor’s ire than tricks or character references.


“When I was going through this journey, there were many times that I wished I had an expert that could explain the process and help me make a plan to get out as soon as humanly possible. And I got a front row seat in prison to watch people who stumbled along missing opportunities to get home early. That was how Prison Toolkit started” – John Steele


A ‘guide’ is defined as a person ‘who shows the way to others and has an influence on their course of action’. Most people rarely think of using a guide when everything is going well. Our ego inflates our sense of ability and blinds us to our need for expert help. One of the most terrifying times in a professional’s life is when they are facing criminal charges. Is this the time to ‘wing it’, or listen to those who have little expertise or personal experience? If you call prison toolkit, you will speak to our founder and share your situation. Let us help!



Leverage Tools That Work for YOU

From overcoming endless mental chaos to getting in the right shape, Prison Toolkit has everything you need to make a difference during incarceration and beyond.

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Getting the Right Mindset:

Get access to books, resources, and strategies that help you deal with the mental health challenges involved in this process.

Getting the Body Right:

Instead of eating and drinking mindlessly, spend your time getting in the right shape for prison. Our tools will help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Getting the Soul Right:

We help you leverage the power of Stoicism so it can not only prepare you for prison but for everything else in life.

Navigate the Criminal Justice System

Regardless of how many movies you’ve watched, the prison system is unlike anything a professional expects it to be. The criminal justice system is full of people whose job it is to lock ‘bad’ people away for as long as possible, and then to process them through a prison system that does not care about inmate needs. And becoming overwhelmed leads to poor choices, and a deeper hole to eventually fill in. With Prison Toolkit, you can get clear explanations and guidance for everything, from investigation to arrest, pre-trial, sentencing, incarceration, and supervised release/parole.


Our tools and resources cover major topics regarding investigation, prosecution, supervised release, RDAP, pre-trial confinement, PSR report, imprisonment, First Step, and the many other aspects of white-collar punishment. This will help you get the perspective and practical strategies to not only reduce your prison time, but begin working on the person that got you in this situation (you).

Train Your Mind, Body, and Soul

The second and most important part of our training is to help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for prison. Most people facing sentences wish for things that are not possible, such as going back in time to fix things. But our goal is to help you focus on things that can be changed. Instead of worrying about your past, it’s time to change your present for a positive future. Therefore, our tools and resources train you to strengthen your mind, body, and soul.


We recognize that incarceration also affects your loved ones and relationships. Our training will also guide you in maintaining communication, seeking support, mitigating emotional challenges, and fulfilling the responsibilities of loved ones. Prison Toolkit aims to be a source of information and comfort during this challenging time. Whether it is explaining how the phones ‘turn on’ for a new inmate, or building a workout plan BEFORE and during prison, knowledge is empowering.

Make a Positive Reintegration into Society

While preparing for incarceration is crucial, you should also consider preparing for life after it. Most individuals don’t recognize the effect the criminal justice system has on them and their families, and think little about how to resume life after punishment. This is a big mistake. Do not make the time after your sentence part of your punishment. Those who spend this time becoming wiser lead better lives once their legal problems are over. Prison Toolkit believes it is a shame to shorten one’s sentence and parole, and remain the same person whose actions led to arrest in the first place. We don’t want this for you; that’s why our toolkit prepares people for life, not just prison.

We are here to support you on your journey; contact us now at 888-209-3327.