Who We Help

Helping those who are facing the uniquely frightening prospect of prison.

The vast majority of people facing prison are not white collar defendants, but rather people engaged in ‘malum in se’ behavior. That’s just a Latin expression for conduct that is inherently wrong (such as murder). But most charges faced by our clients are ‘malum prohibitum’, or illegal only because a law says so. With over 3000 federal criminal statutes alone, the cliche that ‘a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich’ means that many business people unknowingly commit felonies every day. And sometimes they draw the attention of a prosecutor who feels like indicting them, and the rest is pre-ordained. Less than 2% of cases go to trial, and a small percentage of those actually win.

For those engaged in the illegal drug trade or violence, this system is familiar to them, and often seen as ‘part of doing business’. These are NOT the typical clients of Prison Toolkit.

For the professional or entrepreneur that finds themselves looking at fraud or similar charges, the loss of everything from one’s profession to their freedom was never envisioned. That lack of preparation means that the typical white collar defendant, desperate for information, finds themselves surfing  YouTube videos, and hoping for a miracle. The Prison Toolkit is for those people who want the best odds of serving less time, thriving while under the BOP, and being prepared to hit the ground running when it’s all over. It makes sense that the people who get the best results put in more work and take the process seriously.

Life can come with many challenges, and you may find yourself in a situation that you never imagined could happen. A typical client of Prison Toolkit is a first time, non-violent offender who wants to optimize his time and choices moving forward. Someone coming to Prison Toolkit realizes that regardless of how unfair the situation may be, they still have agency to affect their future.

Do you want to do less prison time? Do you want to prepare for life afterwards? Do you want to come out stronger than ever? Of course. Prison Toolkit was created by a former lawyer who spent years preparing for prison and its aftermath, and is now on the other side.

What is Prison Toolkit

Prison Toolkit is a consulting service that provides tools and strategies to dramatically mitigate white collar defendant’s experience with the criminal justice system, and improve one’s life in general. We help those dealing with federal and state criminal charges using a holistic approach.

With the help of Prison Toolkit, you’ll be able to:

Learn things you must know if you’re under investigation for a crime.
Develop a plan of action to address each step of the criminal process.
Learn how to let go of your past and focus on what’s in front of you.
Train your mind, body, and soul for the prison system AND life after it.
Reduce your sentence and improve the quality of life during the entire process.

The Man Behind Prison Toolkit

John Steele, the founder of Prison Toolkit, is a former trial attorney who faced legal charges relating to his law practice. Early on in his journey, he realized that despite being a lawyer, he was woefully unprepared to navigate the criminal justice process. He promised his children that he would get ‘off paper’ (be completely done with the criminal justice system) as soon as humanly possible and went on to accomplish just that. Facing a guideline sentence of 12 years, Steele was out of prison in two years. During his journey, he began the Prison Toolkit as a tool to help others with the lessons, ideas, and philosophy that has been proven to work for him and many others.  As a certified trainer who practices Stoicism, he has worked with others since 2017 to not only mitigate the legal problems that they face, but also help them become happier and healthier human beings.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us now at 800-925-4215.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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